Treatment sentence

Treatment sentence

All the people want to write sentence of treatment. The youth, who took the habit of treatment, his father screamed again.

I need a diagnosis, and I need a treatment plan to fight this illness.

She enjoyed special treatment and the way she got stuck for her.

There are no symptoms of treatment, there is no specific therapeutic.

She expressed the doubt that she saw something wrong with the habit she used.
Before you are likely to work for you, you know how big it is to work for a large population, but for you.
He was not sure how he lived with this kind of treatment as a boy.

If those conditions become better, information about their treatment can be widely shared with people with general genetic factors.

Doctors said that they could not proceed without medical treatment, so they kept it in the harsh environment of the city, and Rostov did not go to the country in the summer of 1812.

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